About the JGBS web site

This web site has two areas: an outer, publicly accessible area containing some introductory material of general interest as well as the data that we have already finished transcribing, and a password-protected work area. The protected area includes a discussion forum, databases and other work in progress. It is a 'hard hat and work boot' area figuratively. We have to protect the material until it is properly sifted and organized.

Anyone can easily see the current status of our transcriptions and access those records freely.

The JGBS collaboration was formed for this purpose in April of 2006. We have created this interactive web site with a discussion forum and a searchable database. So far, the registers transcribed by Rolf Hofmann, Erwin Bosch and members of the collaboration have been entered in the database and are now freely accessible.

Our objectives

As a next step, the registers available in the Bayerisches Staatsarchiv Augsburg are being retrieved, copied, transcribed and entered into the database. We are also exploring, how the records can be made accessible through the JewishGen website.

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